I had 99 problems and the solution was WUN!
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When you realize what’s really being propagated through the media, you will realize the true agenda behind it all. Understand that the two strongest emotions are FEAR and LOVE. If you give a person something to fear, they are easier to control, but love concurs all. Think about the stories we hear in the news. Murder, death, war, poverty, drugs, EBOLA… all this is doing is programming us to be fearful. When it all boils down, it’s all about money and control….
Basically, to sum everything up… ✌✊☝🌍🌌 #Onelove #oneness #unity #universe #universal #consciousness
This picture is dope! Reminds me that I need to get back on my meditation game. I’ve been letting a lot of things knock me off my square lately, I need to bring it back in, bring it back in…🙏
Yo… I don’t even know what to say on this picture. This is LOVE! ✊☝🙏📚❤
I need some new friends…😔
Look who’s featured in FashionNY Magazine 👀 Respect the QUEEN photoshoot. http://fashionnymag.com/respect-the-queen/ @ms_battles @respect_the_queen__
Salt Lake City baby! WakeUpNow National Conference. #WeMadeIt!
This WakeUpNow conference is about to be EVERYTHING I need to expand my business! I am grateful for all forms of abundance that’s soon to follow. #WUNLife #Success #abundance #entrepreneur  www.learnhow2earn.us
LET THIS BE A REMINDER TO ALL OF YOU! I am NOT here to change anyone’s mind. I’m NOT here to get you to believe in this or that. I’m NOT trying to think like me. I’m just trying to get you to THINK FOR YOURSELF! Take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt, including what I say. QUESTION EVERYTHING. Don’t let ANYONE think for you! Do your own research. Come to your own conclusions and understanding. Stop taking everything you hear and running with it! Dig deeper! USE YOUR MINDS!…That is all.